Part of our model at Cornerstone is to incorporate as much active and interactive learning as possible into our classes. This can look like a nature walk for an elementary class studying plants, a field trip to the Capitol for a high school government class, or even participating in a sports team where students learn important life skills of perseverance and teamwork. We want to give friends of Cornerstone an opportunity to help us provide these types of learning experiences and the materials needed for them. You can learn about the different opportunities below and, if you are interested in sponsoring, you can make a gift online or via mail. Just be sure to include a note letting us know which opportunity you are sponsoring.

If you have any questions, please contact Emery Lambert at or at 202-575-0027.

Monticello Field Trip

The 7th and 8th grade Civics classes are studying the founding fathers this year. The middle school team would like to take the students to spend a day on the beautiful grounds of Monticello and get an intimate look at Thomas Jefferson as a person.

Total sponsorship amount: $300

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Mt. Vernon Field Trip

To complement he 7th and 8th grade Civics unit on the founding fathers, the middle school team would like to visit the home of America's first president, George Washington.

Total sponsorship amount: $400

Montpelier Field Trip

This experience at this historic home of James Madison touches on a little bit of everything: Madison the man, The Constitution & Bill of Rights, Slavery - Madison’s worst regret - and Dolley Madison, America's first First Lady. The middle school team wants to round out their founding fathers unit by visiting this site.

Total sponsorship amount: $260

King’s Dominion Engineering Day

King’s Dominion amusement park provides a program for students called Engineering Day, giving them a chance to get a behind the scenes perspective of the creative and mechanical side of Kings Dominion. The Rides Maintenance Manager will share how a variety of roller coasters and rides work and take the students on a behind the scenes tour of a roller coaster! To support the middle school science curriculum of introductory Physics, the middle school team want to take the 7th and 8th grade to this experience.

Total sponsorship amount: $800

Day in Richmond

As middle school students learn about the structure of all levels of government in the united states, the middle school team is planning a trip to the Virginia state capital to visit the seat of state government and gain a deeper understanding of where the Civil War took place and what it meant for the country.

Total sponsorship amount: $300


The middle school team wants to bring American Civil War history to life for 7th and 8th grade students at the battlefield in Gettysburg.

Total sponsorship amount: $350

Disney World Properties of Motion Physics Lab

Over the summer, our middle school science teacher wants to take a select few students to Magic Kingdom Park at Disney World in Orlando to experience physics in practical application as representatives from the Disney Youth Education Series demonstrate force, motion, and gravity at work in some of the most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom Park. This trip will serve as a capstone to their learning throughout the year and a reward to students who worked hard to learn the material.

Total sponsorship amount: $6,000