Life: What a Beautiful Choice

Earlier this year, in a private meeting over lunch, one of our Cornerstone students recounted for me the tragic circumstances of his conception, a story he had not shared with anyone outside of close friends and family. This student looked me in the eye and smiled proudly as he recounted how his young mother, despite the violence surrounding his conception, had chosen life for him — rejecting the pleas and calls from those around her to end her pregnancy and to put this episode behind her. Conceived in hate, born in love, this gifted student is a testament to God’s grace.

I share this story because today is the annual March for Life. While thousands of concerned citizens will be demonstrating on the mall, we at Cornerstone are serving the young men and women God designed, since before conception, with a purpose. Whether conceived in love or violence, whether planned or unplanned — we are grateful that God has placed these young men and women in our care and has allowed us to serve alongside their parents to help them reach their God given potential. 

No, I will not be marching today, but as I watch our amazing students filling our halls and classrooms, I will surely be thinking, “Life: What a Beautiful Choice!”




In His service,

Derrick Max

Executive Director

202-575-0027 Ext. 104