Quiet Please...

The halls of Cornerstone were unusually quiet last week — with signs adorning every classroom door: “Quiet Please, Testing in Progress.” As I walked the halls, peering through the windows of each room, I could palpably feel the anxiety and stress of this semi-annual ritual known as midterms and finals. Our students are a disciplined, but lively bunch — so, the silence of last week was almost deafening.

For some of our students, these tests were “make or break” events. For most, they were merely a means of confirming to the teacher that they had mastered the material. For a few, sadly, the test would not overcome a semester of underperformance and poor preparation, but hopefully will provide an impetus for change.

As I walked the halls praying that God would help these students recall the information they needed, the signs: “Quiet Please” kept calling my attention. You see, God calls us to quiet places — to rest by the still waters, to have a gentle and quiet heart. For many believers, “Quiet” is the defining word used to describe their morning time in scripture and prayer.

George Fox, the well known Quaker used to say, “Carry some quiet around inside thee…Be still and cool in thy own mind and spirit, from thy own thoughts, and then thou wilt feel the principle of God to turn thy mind to the Lord from whence cometh life; whereby thou mayest receive the strength and power to allay all storms and tempests.”

As the signs were taken down, and the storms and tempests of these tests had passed — a new sound emerged as students pulled me aside to show me their grades. Cheers abounded. I pray our students find quiet, still places and that their time at Cornerstone will prepare them for the storms that will surely come, and that they may find abundant life.

In His service,



Derrick Max

Executive Director


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