An Errant Bullet and College Applications

Dear Cornerstone Family, 

As I sat down to write this final thought for 2015 -- or more honestly, appeal -- I had every intention of highlighting the academic and spiritual growth I have witnessed first hand this past year at Cornerstone.  I had set aside the important task of finalizing senior recommendations for the various colleges to which our students are applying and was pondering how best to relay the "real story of Cornerstone."

Then the phone rang.

One of our seniors, as he was at home cramming to finish multiple college applications, had a bullet fly through his window moments earlier.  While I am thankful that he was not hit or hurt physically, it was a reminder to me of how fleeting life can be and of how many challenges our students face beyond a calculus or physics test.  Could I focus on school work or college applications in such an environment?

God has done amazing things this year at Cornerstone.  I am thankful he has placed us here to provide a solid academic curriculum, in a loving family environment, where our students are prepared not just for life, but for eternity (an eternity, which at times seems too near for our students).

Your contribution is an investment in the future of Cornerstone -- in giving our children a hope which surpasses our human understanding.  

Thank you for all you do for Cornerstone.  Please say an extra prayer tonight for the safety of the students and families we serve.


Happy New Year,



Derrick Max

Executive Director 

202-575-0027 Ext. 104