Pray for Me

Dear Cornerstone Family, 

On the third day of school, an upper class student stopped me during my morning greeting.  After relating the details of her horrible night and horrible morning (details her mother had already told me over the phone unbeknownst to this student), she said, "Mr. Max, will you pray for me?"  Almost dismissively, I said, "of course I will..." and with my body language, and a soft tap on her shoulder, I kind of moved her on and was about to greet the next student.

As I turned, I felt her hand clench my arm tightly...and heard her say, "Mr. Max, I meant, will you pray for me RIGHT NOW?"  My heart sank as I realized I was about to put this student's name on my "pray if I think about it later" list -- a completely inadequate, almost nonexistent list of which I should be ashamed.  As students walked by, I stopped to pray for this student as I should have without her aggressive prompting.  I was so mad at myself as I saw the depth of the pain she felt as her eyes filled with tears.  I know how hard her life is, and I couldn't take a second to pray for her right when she asked? 

I used to work for a man who, when you asked him to pray for something, or if he thought of something he needed God to do, would literally begin praying before your request or his current sentence was even finished.  Sometimes, it took me a minute to realize we were praying because it was just a part of his ongoing conversation.  No matter where we were, or what we were doing, he would just pray.  At times it was totally uncomfortable, but, I was always thankful to be a part of his conversation with God.  No request made to this man went "unprayed for."

As you go about your life over the next few weeks...would you please consider asking God to be with our recent graduates who are in the grind of life at George Washington University, University of Maryland, College Park, Marymount, Trinity, and Bowie State?  Would you pray for our current seniors who are beginning their application process and are already feeling the stress of their senior year?  Would you pray for the families of our students who sacrifice so much to have their children attend Cornerstone?  Would you pray for the staff who daily feel the magnitude of what God has asked us to do?  Would you pray that Mr. Max would be less dismissive when asked to pray?  Most of all, would you just find a moment, even if in the middle of something else, to petition God on our behalf? 


Derrick Max
Principal/ Executive Director
202-575-0027 Ext. 104