125 "Powerball" Winners

Dear Cornerstone Family,

How many of us got swept up in "Powerball fever" when the jackpot passed $1 billion?  How many of us promised to spend a lot of the money on charity as if this would convince God to pick us to win?  While I am anti-lottery because I think it preys disproportionately on the poor and is not a faithful use of the resources God has provided, I must make a confession: I bought two tickets.  With this purchase, I promised that if I won, Cornerstone would have a new gymnasium, well-equipped science and computer labs, more robust teacher training, multiple school buses, nutritious meal programs, fantastic mission trips, and a fully endowed scholarship fund.  Of course, I also dreamed of retiring my 2002 Toyota Camry and replacing it with a 2016 Porsche (there is no substitute).

As the last ball was drawn and my two $2 tickets became scratch paper, my heart sank.  But then it occurred to me - winning this lottery would probably have not added much to my already blessed life. In fact, my loss has had literally zero impact on me or those I care about.
This is not the case for another lottery to be held within the next two weeks.  This lottery is the drawing for the limited number of scholarships funded by the Federal Opportunity Scholarship Program for children in D.C.'s public schools.  Winning this lottery gives low-income students a yearly scholarship to attend and graduate from almost any private school in D.C.  To be selected, in short, is your ticket out of D.C.'s failing public schools and a means of hope for the winning students and their families.  To lose the lottery - sometimes year after year - is a painful, defeating return back to the schools which concerned parents are so desperate to have their children escape.
Cornerstone has sixty-one students who have won this scholarship "lottery" in previous years.  We also have sixty-four who have not, but, who have over 90 percent of their tuition paid for by generous donors.  I don't think it is a stretch to say that the opportunity to attend Cornerstone is better than winning Powerball for the families we serve.  Our students receive a great education that prepares them for college, but, more importantly, it also introduces them to their Creator and the transforming hope of an eternal life - value no Powerball winnings could ever buy!    

In His Service, 



Derrick Max
Executive Director
202-575-0027 Ext. 104