Snow Daze

Dear Cornerstone Family,

I used to love snow days as a child.  Sledding, snowball fights and building igloos replaced tests, homework and visits to the principal's office (in my case).  When my wife taught, we used to watch the news with great anticipation to see if her school was closed.  With our pajamas on backwards and the requisite amount of ice cubes flushed down the toilet, we would break out in cheers when the announcement scrolled across the T.V. screen.

Cornerstone had another snow day on Tuesday.  Yet my reaction to such news has greatly changed since I became principal.  I find myself less thrilled about these unplanned holidays - especially prolonged closings like we experienced a few weeks ago.  While I was at home, my teenagers sledding down our property, Netflix playing inside, my mind would take me to the single mother of three young kids who has no car and cannot carry more than an armload of groceries at one time.  How does she prepare for the potential of being trapped inside for a week?  How does she do her shopping when the metro is closed due to weather?  How does she advance pay for food and essentials when the storm hits at the end of the month and resources are scarce?  How does she support her kids when the postal service can't deliver her check?  
So many of our students are part of families whose resources are scarce and who reside in communities underserved by grocery stores or snow plows.  To them, being trapped inside their home is not some Hallmark movie setting, for many live in cramped space that quickly test nerves. 
While I like to think that our students' broad smiles upon returning to school after "Snowmaggedon" were due to the joy they felt at seeing me and their teachers after so long at home, that would be stretching the truth.  Most were simply glad to be outside and returning to some semblance of normalcy.

Please continue to pray for Cornerstone, our faculty and staff, as we daily try to see the needs around us and attempt to give help, guidance and comfort.  And would you say an extra prayer for the families we serve?  Life's storms - with or without snow - weigh heavily on so many of them.

In His Service, 



Derrick Max
Executive Director
202-575-0027 Ext. 104