Fighting Genocide: Cornerstone's First Lobbying Victory?

Dear Cornerstone Family,

Two weeks ago, Cornerstone's student body partnered with Dominion Christian School to collect blankets, toiletries, and other supplies to assist refugees from the Middle East who have been relocated to the D.C. area.  As part of the project, our high school students joined Dominion peers in Reston, Virginia, to package the supplies and hear from former Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA).  He shared about the torture and slaughter of Christians and other minority religious groups in Syria and Iraq at the hands of ISIS, giving students a fuller understanding of this modern holocaust.

After breakout discussion groups, the Cornerstone and Dominion students wrote letters to President Obama urging him to define the atrocities by ISIS as "genocide."  An official declaration would give refugees from this region special status and assistance and would strengthen the U.N.'s prosecution of ISIS through a war tribunal or the International Criminal Court. 

Within a week of Cornerstone and Dominion sending the letters, Secretary of State John Kerry officially declared, just as the students had asked, that ISIS was committing genocide.  This is only the second time in history that such a designation has been used by the United States regarding an ongoing conflict. 

While it may well be that this important designation was already in the works, I also think that God honored the prayers that rose from a gathering of such diverse student bodies... and that their letters moved our government to act with haste.  My deep hope is that our students will feel empowered to address human rights abuses and to be lifelong servants and advocates of those in need, whether in Southeast D.C., Northern Virginia, or the Middle East.  

Humbled and encouraged,
Derrick Max
Executive Director
202-575-0027 Ext. 104