Harriet in our Hallways...

Dear Cornerstone Family,

"I said to the Lord, 'I'm going to hold steady on to you, and I know you'll see me through.'"  Harriet Tubman
These words were spoken by a woman who had been raised a slave and had suffered a life-altering head injury at the hands of her slave master.  With blood streaming down her face, she was forced back to work in the fields.  Instead of complaining about the lifetime of headaches and seizures she suffered from this abuse, she would actually credit the tragedy for giving her dreams and visions that she attributed to God!  

 Illiterate, but raised by a mother who shared stories of the Bible she learned while being a "house slave" and caring for the master's children, Harriet became a devout follower of Jesus, relying on her memory of those stories and the visions she believed came from the Almighty.  As only a woman of God could do, this slave actually prayed daily for her master and that God would change his heart.

Devout, resolute, and armed with a recurring vision she had of escaping across a line, "seeing beautiful green fields, and lovely flowers and beautiful white ladies, who stretched out their arms to me," this slave put her life in God's hands and fled.  Once free, she had to look at her hands to see if she was the same person, for there was such glory over everything.

You know her story -- fueled by the taste of liberty, overwhelmed by the magnificence and beauty of being free, Harriet Tubman returned over a dozen times to the slave-holding territories to conduct an "underground railroad" that led hundreds of slaves across the line to freedom.
With Harriet Tubman about to adorn our $20 bill, I pray God uses her story to fill our hallways and classrooms with young men and women who pray for their enemies, place others' lives above their own, see good in their painful circumstances, follow God's word and promptings faithfully, and always entrust themselves to Him.

With hope,
Derrick Max
Executive Director
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