The Odyssey in my Odyssey

Dear Cornerstone Family,

Being Principal, my day is sometimes spent dealing with the variety of behavioral "issues" that can arise on any given day.  Some of the decisions I have to make are gut-wrenching and on particularly bad days, it can become overwhelming.  
Recently, after a particularly discouraging week, I was driving a group of high school students from a Cornerstone basketball game.  From the back I heard a freshman student sigh, "I hate The Odyssey... and I am going to bomb the exam tomorrow."  A senior in the van replied, "What? I LOVED THE ODYSSEY!!!"  This led two other students to chime in about their favorite characters and adventures in this work of classic Greek mythology.  Within minutes, my Honda Odyssey was filled with vigorous debate and discussion on Homer's work and its meaning - including comments from the student who supposedly "hated" The Odyssey!  For forty minutes, a spontaneous review session filled the car, led entirely by students.
Wracking my brain to remember a favorite character so that I could enter the discussion, I finally blurted out, for no particular reason other than to show my more immature side, "Methuselah, now that was my kind of lady...."  After a second of stunned silence, they all yelled out, "MEDUSA... I think you mean MEDUSA, Mr. Max."  <van filled with laughter>  Perhaps that's why I am a Principal and not a teacher!

That forty minutes was the exact antidote I needed for my bad week. It was a reminder that God is using Cornerstone to fill our students' minds with important works of Western Civilization that feed their moral imagination, and that most, if not all, love it.  Now, I just need to stop confusing the oldest living person mentioned in the Bible with Homer's snake-haired monster!

Derrick Max
Executive Director
202-575-0027 Ext. 104