Family Reunion

Dear Cornerstone Family, 

On Monday, August 29th,  a group of businessmen, one from as far away as Central Michigan, came to greet Cornerstone's students on their first day back to school.  It was powerful to see these men, all of whom have been successful in various ventures (accounting, NFL, real estate, etc.) shaking the hands of our students and providing encouraging words as they entered the building.  It was equally as powerful to gather with these men to pray for our staff, students, and families before our doors even opened.

Several of the men commented on the surprising number of parents who not only came to drop off their children, but also joined their children inside our building at the start of the day.  Cornerstone was literally filled with students, parents, relatives and teachers -- hugging, smiling and sharing shouts of joy!  Because Cornerstone feels like a family, I should not be surprised that first days at Cornerstone feel like a huge family reunion!

Of course, for me, the emotion of teaching a new crop of students how to tie their tie never gets old -- flipping these young men around as I tie their tie over their shoulders, explaining again how to successfully create the Double Windsor while fighting back tears of my own (for the back story, you will have to read my email update from this time last year).   Having just dropped off my oldest son at college, I am probably more emotional than normal, but, I must admit that I shed a tear or two watching the Kindergartners and seniors enter our building -- feeling the significance of these book end grades in the passage of time.

I am so thankful God has placed me here, if even only for these moments.  Please pray for our students and staff, and if you get a free moment, please consider coming to meet our Cornerstone family in person!  And next year, God willing, you too can join our family reunion!

Humbled by our mission,

Derrick Max
Principal/ Executive Director
202-575-0027 Ext. 104