Extra Time on My Knees...

Every morning during drop-off, I stand in front of the building to greet our students as they come in for the day. One day last year, as I was out front greeting, I saw two moms pull their cars up across from each other in the street.  Both had clearly run out of the house to get their children to Cornerstone on time and neither wanted to get out of their cars in their half-ready state.  As I shook hands with students, I was treated to the conversation between these two moms as they yelled through their open windows across traffic: "Spent some extra time on my knees this morning," yelled the first mom.  "Yes, I'm lifting them up too," replied the other.  What ensued from there was a heartfelt conversation, short but so deep, about how these mothers are praying for their children and their classmates.


I was blessed to have a mom who woke up every morning to pray for me in a closet she had converted to a prayer room of sorts.  Because she woke up to pray long before I was ever awake, I rarely got to actually see her use the room.  But once, for reasons I don't recall, I woke up in time to see her exiting the room -- still in her nightgown, clearly having been crying.  To this day, it is one of my most vivid memories.  How beautiful is that commitment to prayer?  

I am so thankful to know we have praying parents at Cornerstone and I am honored to partner with these parents as we help to train their children in the path of the Lord.

May their many prayers be answered.