Every Last Drop

I'm the guy that "taps" the nozzle of the gas pump against the rim of my gas tank to make sure I get every last drop before returning it to the cradle.  I do this despite the odd notion that I am tapping metal against metal,which probably is not wise.


Assuming, 20 drops per milliliter, there are approximately 90,921.8 drops of gasoline in a gallon of gas.  Thus, my practice of tapping the nozzle has probably saved me about 8 drops of gas per week, or 14,560 drops over the course of my life. That's just 37 cents in 35 years (one penny a year using the inflated price of today's gas for simplicity).  

I often feel like much of my job here at Cornerstone is to eek every last drop out of every amazing donation we receive.  By God's grace, we have never missed a payroll -- but we have surely come close!  Every penny, I have found, makes a difference.  Our teachers and staff work at a discount, we do not have the latest classroom gadgets, we have one van that we use mercilessly, and our computers -- let's just say most of our classroom computers were originally Windows XP and now lumber to accommodate Windows 10.  

Despite all of this, we provide our students a quality education in a family environment. Most importantly, we have the unique opportunity to share with them the love of Christ!  This opportunity makes every drop  of each donation feel like pure gold!

IMG_0924 (1).JPG

Thank you to everyone who has entrusted us with their charitable investments -- God is doing His good work through you!