You're In!

A few days before Christmas, fatigued, trying to catch up on my sleep -- I was awaken by a text message.  No name on the text, no written message, just a picture of a letter written to one of Cornerstone's soon-to-be graduates that began, "You're in..."  Behind the letter I could see an enrollment package for the college that was second on this student's list.

Having known this student and seen her progress since she was in the Ninth grade -- and knowing the difficult road she has traveled-- I was moved to tears.  Hurriedly, I responded with one word, "Wow," which truthfully was all I could muster at the moment. A little later, having gathered myself, I called her to tell her how proud I was of her.  She told me how excited she was and how great it had been to tell her mom.  Tearing up again, imagining her mother's joy, I told her how much I loved her and, with my voice cracking, said goodbye and hung up.

You see, this student had received a rejection letter one week earlier from her top choice school, but had told me, "That's ok, Mr. Max, I have a lot of acceptance letters that I am sure will be coming soon."  To be honest, I wasn't as confident.  I remember whispering a prayer, "Lord, let it be so."  And He did!

Lynette and Shakirah.jpg

It is humbling to see God at work so directly.  This student's path was paved with help from gifted teachers, dedicated volunteers, and financial investments from hundreds of people who will never fully understand the difference their investment made.  Her education was valued by her mom who partnered and prayed with us.  Through all these things and more, God has literally transformed her life both academically and spiritually.

As this year comes to a close -- know how thankful we are at Cornerstone for all you have done for our students. My prayer is that you will be encouraged by this little, but inspiring, story and that you will continue to keep this student, and all of our students in your prayers.