Happy Easter

While wishing you a Happy Easter at Christmas may seem odd, we like to say at Cornerstone that Christmas is the beginning of the Easter Story.  Over Advent, we have been laying out the reason God sent his son to be born of a virgin (Christmas) only to be crucified as an innocent man (Easter).  This trajectory summarizes God's redemptive plan to restore the fellowship (friendship) between man and himself by removing the sin that has separated us since birth -- which could only be done through Christ's sacrificial act.

On Friday, this redemptive plan became real to dozens of our students who came forward, in front of all their classmates, to proclaim their desire to accept the greatest gift ever given to man -- God's redemption which is made possible in Christ's birth, death and resurrection. 

This outpouring of God's grace on our students was the greatest gift the staff of Cornerstone could ever have wished for our students to receive.  For our staff, who live out the Gospel in our students' lives, and pray and love them so deeply, Friday was a day they will remember for an eternity!

Merry Christmas and thank you for your prayers, your volunteer time, and the resources you provide to keep God's work going at Cornerstone!