Pull Up A Chair

After 19 years of having a front row seat to God's work at Cornerstone, I couldn't be more excited than I am right now about the year to come!  Won't you pull up a chair and see God...

....continue to draw his Children to Him through the life, prayers, and ministry of Cornerstone's staff? 

...turn the perceived drudgery of academics into a passion for learning as our students "drink in" the rich curriculum Cornerstone sets before them? 

...work in the lives of the parents of Cornerstone's students as they partner with us to teach their children "in the way they should go?" 

Please, come to Cornerstone and see God at work!  As violence in D.C. continues to rise, public schools continue to struggle, and cultural influences continue to draw our youth down a dangerous path -- come see God win the hearts and minds of his Children in our little corner of Southeast, Washington, D.C.!  In fact, don't just come and watch, be a part of this work through your prayers, volunteer service, and financial resources.  

The time is now! Join us in doing God's work! 

Happy New Year.