Champions on Ice and In Life

For the fifth straight year, the varsity hockey team from Gonzaga College High School has set aside an hour and a half before their practice every Monday night to help Cornerstone students with their homework.  This "Study Buddies" program is surely heavy on books and snacks and fun, but, I think its deeper impact is in our students meeting and engaging with godly young men from one of the most elite high schools in the city. 


I always say that a lot of Cornerstone's success can be attributed to good parenting at home.  While the parents of Gonzaga's varsity hockey team are surely excited about the Championship Cup their team just won -- their real success is in raising young men who give so freely and lovingly to those in our community. 

Congratulations, Gonzaga Hockey Eagles -- you are champions well beyond the ice!  You bring joy to our students and honor to your parents.  May you continue to serve those in need for as long as you are able.

Go Eagles!