This is the season we celebrate emptiness at Cornerstone -- when as Christians, the promises of the prophets of old are fulfilled in a cold, damp, dark and EMPTY tomb.  For me, I am always struck by the line in Luke 24 when the women go to the tomb where Jesus had been buried to treat his dead body with spices.  Two men chastise the women and say, "Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive?  He isn't here!  He is risen..."  The men go on to remind the women that this was as Jesus had told them, as He had promised.

How often do we look among the dead for someone that is alive?  Not in a physical sense, but spiritually.  Don't we all search for life, or for meaning, in a world increasingly dead to God's truth?  Who among us has not sought out "life" from the dead promises of this world?  

My greatest prayer for the students of Cornerstone is that they stop looking for life where it doesn't exist.  We want our students to forgo the lure of music that degrades, to walk away from substances that destroy, to reject teachings that deny the beauty and design of their uniquely and intentionally created bodies.  My prayer is that our students seek out life in the promise that Christ is risen and is alive and is at work in those who know and love Him.  

Thankfully, Cornerstone is overflowing with teachers who are filled with life and pour themselves out for our students.  Our hallways are scattered with volunteers and mentors who model what a life worth living looks like!  When visitors come to Cornerstone they often comment on the "feel" of the school and some even inquire, "what is that...what makes Cornerstone feel so different?"  How does one explain what life looks like, especially in a dying world?

This Sunday, as we all celebrate the empty tomb, may we also celebrate how that tomb's emptiness has filled our school and our students with life!