"...it is as if Cornerstone was created just for me."

As you know, Cornerstone had its annual banquet last Saturday.  I know many of you wanted to come, but, schedules wouldn't permit.  I'm going to do my best to give you a glimpse of the life changing stories shared.  God's mercy was on display in the testimony of Myrtle, a parent who testified of the opportunity her son had to be loved and nurtured in the midst of significant turmoil, including Myrtle's recent battle against cancer.  I then "walked" those in attendance at the banquet through the halls of Cornerstone to envision the life-giving work of our teachers and staff.  Students performed excerpts from a unique style black history recitation/musical they wrote.  Research, creativity, and talent on display. 

For me, however, the highlight of the night was hearing from India, one of our graduating seniors.  Cornerstone has been life changing for her.  Deeply shy, she was able to speak in front of more than 200 people.  India lost her father last year -- an incident that felt like a body blow and a setback to what God was doing in her life.  But, through prayer, a lot of encouragement, and her own hard work, India has blossomed.  In her testimony, India said, "Sometimes I get confused because it is as if Cornerstone was created just for me."  (Isn't that how it is with Jesus -- it is as if he died "just for me.") You see, India had an eternity-altering experience at Cornerstone as she saw the life and work of Jesus carried out every day in the life and work of teachers and staff who love her.  India has gone from receiving God's love to sharing it -- through the scripture verses she writes for me, through prayers she gives for those that need it, through her testimony on Saturday and just this week, through an after-school study group she created for her classmates who are struggling in their history class.  India is, literally, a new creation.

If you want to be a part of what God is doing -- to support our teachers and staff in their God-given role in our students' lives -- come visit, mentor, partner and volunteer.  Linked to this email you will find a short video of our students, and in their eyes you will see the hope that is within them.  

Finally, your financial support as we close out this school year is vital.  Cornerstone is an investment that pays dividends that last an eternity.  I would humbly ask that you consider making a one-time gift or, alternatively, to make Cornerstone a part of your regular giving.  Because the spring dinner is our main fundraiser for the year, your support at this time is invaluable.