Seeing the Story ... Cornerstone's Spring Dinner and Auction

Recently, I had a family come visit Cornerstone from out of state.  They were interested in enrolling their young children in our program.  After a brief tour, we returned to my office to discuss the "next steps."  As I began to speak, I noticed that the mother's eyes were transfixed on something over my shoulder.  She abruptly interrupted me to say, "Are those the anchor notes?  Are those really the notes?"  Baffled and confused, I turned and realized she was talking about the Post-It notes with anchors that one of my students uses to write me verses from the Bible.  I post them over my desk to provide encouragement or to get needed wisdom.  

As the mother darted from our meeting to hover over my desk and review the notes, she said, "I read your update about these and was moved -- sometimes I wonder if things I read on people's blogs or on the internet are true.  I am so glad that the update on the anchors was true!"  I went on to tell her the back story on the note writer and what a blessing she has been to me and to Cornerstone.

As the family left, they told me about their plans to plant a church in D.C. as an offshoot of a prominent church in Atlanta.  I don't know if their children will end up at Cornerstone, but, I am so thankful that they got to see God's work first hand and to verify that the works of God I share in these updates are true.

On May 6th, at McLean Presbyterian Church, we will hold a Spring Dinner and Auction where some of our students will perform, one of our parents will share, and I will do my best to convey what God is doing in the lives of our students through Cornerstone.  While this isn't the same as coming to the school, it is a good way to see God's story, to meet our amazing board, and interact with some of our students, parents, and faculty. 

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to  Be sure to say hi!