Dirty Little Secret

I remember dropping my son off at college last year and feeling like my heart was being ripped out.  How had the universe failed to warn me about this fateful day?  God, was this your plan?   This seems to be the dirty little secret of parenting no one warns you about.  Now, after graduating the third class of seniors since I became Principal, I am starting to realize that each year, the pain of saying goodbye increases exponentially, clearly approaching the pain I felt in saying goodbye to my son. Nobody warned me about this pain either!   

This year's class of seniors was special (yes, I know I say that every year, but every year it's true).  Not only did each of them grow academically, but their family-like bond, their love of one another, and their clear friendship with Jesus will be missed in our hallways and in my office!  After this year's seniors graduated they continued to come to school -- to volunteer, yes, but mostly to just be together.  For a while there I was afraid we had a case of "failure to launch."  However, as the summer has worn on, the visits have stopped, the text messages have slowed, and to be honest, the hole in my heart has grown slightly wider.  Again, nobody warned me of the occupational hazard of having to say goodbye to a new group of seniors every year when I became the Principal.

Grads 2017.jpg

Next year's seniors will be no different.  I have been their Principal since they were Freshman and have been blessed to watch them grow and to get to know their "stories."   Their parents are a special group, and each has big plans for their children after they graduate.   As the first day of school approaches in just three weeks, I pray they will help fill that hole in my heart, even in the knowledge that nine months later it will only be ripped open again when I have to say, "Goodbye."

Please continue to pray for our graduates and for the rising seniors as they finish strong in preparation for what God has planned for them beyond Cornerstone!