It's Raining Men!

I know in this age of political correctness, it is taboo to speak about gender, but I can't help but praise God for the influx of men who have come forward to teach this year at Cornerstone.  You see, while much of the discussion over the last two decades about gender inequality in education has focused on women, the truth is that our young men are in crisis!  From lower graduation rates, to lower grades and average test scores, to lower college attendance, our men are falling behind.  Nowhere is this truer than in our urban schools.

For the last four years, I have handed out honor roll certificates to dozens of students each quarter -- and rarely have I had more than one male student come forward.  I have lamented this fact openly to our men, praying and pleading that they would apply themselves more fervently to the academic tasks God has set before them.  It is not an exaggeration to say that I long for the day when our honor roll ceremony is filled with men. I long for the day when it is our young men who push their classmates to excel academically.  I long for the day when our honor roll podium is filled with men as well as women!


My hope is that the influx of male teachers from esteemed universities, teachers who love teaching, learning and, most importantly, who love God, will connect with our young men in a way that will help push them to reach their God given potentials.  My prayer is that these male teachers will be role models and an inspiration to our male students.  Yes, Cornerstone's curriculum is very challenging.  Yes, many if not most of our men come to us with significant academic deficiencies.  But this cannot be allowed to be an excuse. Instead, it must be a part of their story of overcoming obstacles to attain success.  

I pray that at our next honor roll ceremony it truly will be raining men!

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