Miracle Near 34th Street

A few weeks ago, a long-time Cornerstone student got a call at school from her grandmother and went into a panic.  The door of the student's house had accidentally locked when her grandmother stepped outside to see her granddaughter head off to school.  This left an active toddler unattended inside the house with all the adults stranded outside. The student frantically looked for her key in her locker and backpack only to realize she had left hers in the house as well.  We quickly drove her home to see if we could assist. As we left, my wife and some other staff prayed, knowing the angst that this student felt and the very real concern the family had for the child.


When we got there, we realized breaking a window was not an option as there were bars on all the windows, and none of the other entrances seemed penetrable.  There were no bars on the upstairs windows and we surmised that if we found a ladder we could get in through a second floor window. Just then, a work truck with several ladders appeared out of nowhere.  Our student stopped them to ask if we could use one of their ladders to break into the house. The worker, without hesitation, jumped out of his truck, walked up to the front door, took out a tool from his back pocket...and in less than a second he had unlocked the front door revealing a safe, smiling baby who seemed unaware of the commotion going on outside.

What are the odds of that?  On a quiet, dead-end side street, early in the morning, God provided!  While we were just amazed at the provision of a ladder, God did one better -- a worker with a tool to open a door as if he had a key! As the family cried and hugged this angel of a man, he humbly noted how glad he was to help and how happy he was that the baby was safe...and he left.

While my wife and I would debate whether this was a miracle or just God being God -- it was an experience that this student and our staff will never forget.  God does care and He does answer prayers -- always in ways that are more perfect than we would have ever imagined.

I am so thankful to have a job where I get to witness God being God every day.  The prayers of so many are answered in our students' lives all the time -- revealing a heavenly father who loves and cares for each one of our students and their families.


God, thank you so much for this miracle that happened near 34th street. May your praise be forever on the lips of those who see and experience your work and may you continue to provide more than we could ever hope for or ask.

With that in mind, I want to note that on December 14th, a generous donor offered to match up to $100,000 of all donations received before the end of the year.  This is a huge ask, but we trust God will provide just as he always does. Would you invest in the lives of our students and their families this season and help us achieve this goal?