"How's Your Faith, Mr. Max?"

Cornerstone was blessed to have one of our former students share her college experience with our Juniors and Seniors last week.  She was one of our brightest students during her time with us an always exhibited the values of a Cornerstone student.  Most importantly, she grew in the knowledge of the Lord during her time here.

Having graduated from Cornerstone at sixteen, she opted for community college prior to enrolling at a four-year institution.  Because she had a very high GPA at Prince George’s Community College, she had automatic acceptance and some nice scholarship options as she chose her next school.  In the end, she chose Bowie State where her tuition was almost entirely covered by scholarships!  During her visit, she proudly noted that while she still has one semester to go, she has already lined up a very good job upon graduation with a Fortune 500 company.  (Another future Cornerstone donor in the making!)


As I always do when former students come back, I started to ask her, "So, how's your...." when she cut in and said, "So, how's YOUR faith, Mr. Max?"  She laughed and said she knew I would be asking and she wanted to turn the tables on me!  I assured her my faith was going strong, and listened as she told me of her continued relationship with her creator.  While I was so blessed to hear that one of our first Cornerstone graduates would be graduating from college in a few short months with a great job offer in hand, I was more moved by hearing her tell me her faith was as strong as ever...and again reminding me this is something I never need to worry about. 

God, thank you for your work in this graduate’s life...and for the encouragement she is to me, to our staff, and to our Juniors and Seniors.