The Match and The "Mayor of Kathmandu"

Imagine taking four Cornerstone students, most of whom have rarely traveled outside of Washington, D.C., and sending them off to do ministry in Nepal!  I can only imagine the flood of thoughts they experienced as they saw Mount Everest from their plane window or smelled the different foods and scents of Kathmandu when they landed or their response to the vibrant colors of the open markets on their way to the hotel -- every second of every day, a new sensory overload!


In their first three weeks, the Nepal mission team has witnessed to children of prisoners, shared their faith in a leper colony, performed music and sketches at Nepalese churches and camps, ministered in elderly homes, connected with families in small villages and with youth on the streets of Kathmandu.  They have hiked up to remote Buddhist and Hindu temples, explored scenic overlooks, rivers, and lakes, and have taken in historic sights that most of us have only read about.


One of my fears when we sent this team to Nepal was that it would be too much.  How would they handle the grind of daily ministry? Would the suffering they witness be overwhelming?  How would they feel in a country where their religion is not embraced? How would they connect with the people in such a unique culture?  How would they gel with their broader mission team and its leaders? Has Cornerstone prepared them well enough for a trip like this?

My fears were put to rest in one of the recent updates from their team leader who noted that spiritual insights from two of our students, Amariá and Solé, had provided him comfort and how one of our students, Shavar, was connecting so well with the people on the streets of Kathmandu that, given another year, he would surely be elected Mayor.


I am blessed to be Principal to such amazing students and I cannot wait to hear their stories when they return in two weeks.  Please keep them and their team in prayer.

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