Dance Like No One is Watching

Over the Christmas break, Cornerstone invested in some long overdue building improvements to keep our students and staff safe and secure. We upgraded all of our fire detectors, improved our alarm system, and installed magnetic door locks to ensure doors remained secure while still allowing teachers and staff to get in the building quickly. We installed video cameras on our exterior to better know who is approaching our building and in the hallways and common areas to monitor students and visitors more closely. 

While watching our new sixteen screen video surveillance system, wondering what kind of mischief I would witness, I was struck by the amount of love our students show our teachers and each other during transitions -- hugs, high fives, arm holding, etc. I have also been blessed by the amount of dancing and gymnastics that happens when students are permitted to leave their classrooms to get water or take a bathroom break. I have seen cartwheels, spins, clicking of heels in mid air, shuffles, back flips (yes, I told the student not to do that anymore without an adult spotter and gym mats) and all manner of ballet, jazz dance, and hip hop (no moonwalks, yet). It is funny to watch Cornerstone students dancing fervently until an adult steps into the hall and they suddenly walk straight and orderly to their destination unaware that they are on camera.

IMG_6245 (1).JPG

I am so thankful that our students have a joy that boils over into our halls. I am so thankful that our video monitors, so far, have shown what I have always known -- Cornerstone is a family where our students are loved and love back. 

God is good.