Tearful Homecoming Videos

This Memorial Day, I found myself clicking from link to link of YouTube videos that show dads and moms who serve in the military coming home to surprise their kids...who invariably cry, grab their daddy’s or mommy’s neck, and weep with joy as cell phone video captures the moment. All onlookers (and video viewers) cry as well. But, as much as I love these videos, I wish they didn't exist! I wish men and women didn't have to serve in distant lands, fight in dangerous wars, or patrol hostile seas. While I am so thankful that men and women, dads and moms, brothers and sisters, risk their lives daily so that we might be free, I wish they didn't have to be away from their families and thus they would not need a “tearful homecoming."

IMG_5299 (1).JPG

In some ways, I feel the same way about Cornerstone. As I share with you the many stories about God's victories over difficult circumstances in the lives of our students and families, I wish such victories were never needed. For a small school, Cornerstone sees an inordinate amount of family crisis. While each crisis provides an opportunity for Cornerstone to be the arms and feet of the living God in the lives of our students, I often find myself asking, "why?" Why must so many of our students lose a parent or sibling? Why must so many of our parents experience hardships that often come just as they are getting their life back on track? Why, Lord, why?

This month has been particularly challenging, as Cornerstone has had to handle some matters that I wish did not need handling. Some matters knock out our breath, force us to our knees, and require an extra ounce of divine intervention. We long for the day when God's victory is clear.

Let us not grow weary in doing what is required of us and let our victory over pain and suffering bring greater glory to God, without whom, our work would be in vain. Let us continue to pray daily and hourly for our students and let God’s will be done in their lives. Let it be so.