Goodbye to one who laid Cornerstone's cornerstone

Every year at Cornerstone is hard, very hard. The work God has called us to do serving children and their families is often overwhelming. Excellence requires perseverance, and perseverance, strength. Yet, as hard as things are today, it pales in comparison to the work required of us twenty years ago when Cornerstone first started.

There were a few servants of God in those first years who worked harder than most to see this mission begin, and none more so than Amy Johnson. From designing curriculum to recruiting and training teachers to teaching and, at times, even serving as Principal without the title or the pay. Amy did it all -- literally! Spill? Amy cleaned it. Kids without food? Amy had extra. Parent complaint? Amy was on it. Unhappy zoning official? Call Amy. Struggling teacher? Amy had a plan. She believed in the fledgling Cornerstone so much so that her children, all now college graduates, attended Elementary School here.


One of our longest serving teacher's recently told me, "When I started I had no idea what I was doing -- but Amy put together a program and trained me and it still impacts what I do today almost 15 years later." Amy didn't stay with Cornerstone after our moves, but her impact has never left us. Amy laid the cornerstone for Cornerstone Schools and it has provided a firm foundation for us to build on ever since!

This past Saturday evening, Amy Johnson lost her battle with cancer. I pray that her husband, Kim, and her three children are blessed by the legacy of their mother and I pray that one day hundreds, if not thousands, of Cornerstone students will meet Amy in heaven and thank her personally for how she impacted their eternity. I will be in line behind them.


Amy Johnson, Cornerstone's good and faithful friend, you lived life well. It is on your shoulders that we stand as we continue this work, for God's glory.