Our Mission

Through a partnership of family, school, and community, Cornerstone provides a Christ-centered, nurturing, and academically rigorous education to the children of Washington, D.C., equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become leaders who serve others in light of Christ and His Truth.

Our Values

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  1. Cornerstone seeks to maintain a Christ-centered environment through staff and leadership who demonstrate a life-transforming faith in Christ and commitment to modeling that faith in the school community.

  2. Cornerstone provides an academically rigorous education founded on a Christian world view, in a manner that fosters a lifelong love of learning.

  3. Cornerstone fosters a student culture of mutual respect in which moral character is developed based on Biblical principles.

  4. Cornerstone equips students to participate in and transform the society in which they live.

  5. Cornerstone seeks to represent and be economically accessible to the community it serves, with its racial, economic, and social diversity.

  6. Cornerstone recognizes the primary responsibility of parents in the educational process and seeks to partner with them to provide the best education possible.

  7. Cornerstone seeks to foster a sense of community among parents, staff, students, volunteers and participating partners and churches.