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Derrick Max

Executive Director / Principal

George Mason University, Graduate courses in Econometrics and Microeconomics

Wheaton College, B.A. in Economics

Ask me about lobbying, soccer, and how economics makes the world make sense.

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Virginia Max

Director of Education

Marymount University, M.Ed.

Wheaton College, B.A. in English Literature

Ask me about classical education, biking across the country, and why yellow peeps are the only natural flavor.


Squire Newsome

Assitant Principal and College Guidance

Virginia Union University, M.Div. in Christian Education

Philadelphia Biblical University, B.S Biblical Studies

Ask me about education, faith in God, and landscaping.


Jonathan Powell

Dean of Students and Athletic Director

Thomas Edison State University, B.S. in Business Administration

Ask me about 12 years and counting, being a 2nd generation Washingtonian, and coaching at Cornerstone.


Maritza White

Business Manager

Washington Adventist University, B.S. in Organizational Management

Ask me about spreadsheets, discipleship training, Comer School Development Program, parent engagement, Panama, and the Panama Canal Zone.


Martha Moore

Academic Dean

University of Windsor, M.A. in English

Wartburg College, B.A. in English

Ask me about schedules, RenWeb, and Broadway shows.


Emery Lambert

Development Associate

The College of William & Mary, B.A. in English

Ask me about volunteering, planning fundraisers, and the great state of Texas.


Tara Johnson

Development Assistant

University of Maryland, College Park, B.A. in Communications

Ask me about how to spell any student's name in the school, their family's nicknames, and bunnies.


Youna Lee

Administrative Support

Virginia Tech, M.A.C.I.S. in Accounting

Virginia Tech, B.S. in Hospitality Tourism Management

Ask me about Israel, numbers, creation, and vision for the next generation.


Leroy Stewart

Director of Facilities & Maintenance

Ask me about keeping the building running smoothly and seeing photos of my grandchildren.


Ronald Whitaker

Facilities & Maintenance Assistant


Elementary School


Meredith Monke


Westmont College, B.S. in English

Ask me about summer camp, cookie cakes, and how to pronounce my last name.


Sabrina Goulart

1st Grade

Plymouth State University, B.S. in Early Childhood Education

As me about outer space, Bob Ross, and fall in New England.


Jenny Twaddell

2nd Grade

Lee University, B.S. in Elementary Education, minor in Special Education.

Ask me about teaching, turning anything into a game, and travel.


Abriana Davies

3rd Grade

Liberty University, B.S. in Elementary Education, minor in Psychology

Ask me about apples, teaching, and the adventure of 3rd grade.


Alexis Latney

4th Grade

Florida A&M University, B.A. in Theater Performance

Ask me about teaching early elementary, building lifelong learners, and partnering with parents - a student’s first teacher!


Karenna Wade

5th and 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Wheaton College, B.S. in Christian Education, minor in English

Ask me about discussion-based classrooms, single-skillet Aldi meals, and becoming who you were created to be.


Caroline Coleman

5th and 6th Grade Math and Science

Auburn University, B.S. in Elementary Education, minor in Spanish

Ask me about sports, living in Memphis, traveling, and teaching students about different cultures.


Tasha Barnes

P.E. and Outdoor Exploration

3 years with Americorps

Trinity Washington University, undergraduate courses

Ask me about my years of non-profit experience with Americorps, pizza, and the Jonas Brothers.


Tracey Cleveland


Faith Bible College & Seminary, M.A. Christian Counseling

Drexel University, B.S. in Marketing and Retail Management 

Ask me about voice ranges, worship, and growing up in Philly.


Crescenda Holder

Art and Front Office

Coursework at Corcoran College of Art

Coursework at Bowie State University

Ask me about my years of teaching and working as an artist, my love and passion for Christ, and ministry.


Upper School


Andrew Dugal

High School Math and Science

The Ohio State University, B.S. in Early and Middle Childhood Studies

Ask me about The Buckeyes, solving for "x", and why I have the greatest job in the world.


Russell Galloway

High School Spanish and Outdoor Exploration

Birmingham-Southern College, B.A. in Spanish

Ask me about Alabama geography, green spaces in the D.C. area, and flamenco dancing.


Rachel Hrovat

Middle School Language Arts and Geography

Christopher Newport University, B.A. in Communication Studies, minor in Sociology.

Ask me about my favorite places around the world and volleyball.


Sarah Pankratz

High School Math and Science

Wheaton College, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Anthropology, Christian Education, and International Relations

Ask me about mentoring, finding x, and math rap stars.


Luke Salazar

High School Humanities

Vanderbilt University, B.A. in Classics and History

Ask me about Roman history, poetry, and Americana music.


Elizabeth Sallie

High School Humanities

Biola University & Torrey Honors Institute, B.A. in Journalism

Ask me about the great books, Latin, and coffee.

Dionna Stone

Middle School Math and Science

Johns Hopkins University, B.A. in Psychology

Dominican University, B.S. in Biomedical Sciences

Ask me about number sense, the periodic table, and dance!!


Brenna Zimmerman

Latin and Logic

Patrick Henry College, B.A. in Literature

Ask me about books, cute animals, and why everyone should learn Latin and Logic.